Sunday, January 5, 2014

The Day before the Storm (or at least it could be)

Today has been a day of recovery.  We had a wonderful time over Christmas with over 13 people staying in the house at one time and one day of 16 people here.  I loved having my family here, one brother and sister were not able to come.  I also loved having them leave.  Yes, I cried, but I also rejoiced in the blissfully quiet house I was left with.  I have been feeling under the weather and have resorted to taking Alka-Seltzer to help clear up this lovely cold which was left from some of the guests.

I have become a DragonVale fanatic (thanks to my niece) I am now madly breeding dragons trying to get the magical jeweled dragons - still no luck.  Its still a fun challenge.

I am working on my quilt for the Kona Blog Hop (started by my going to Sew We Quilt and seeing the information - I was the last one in).  I am loving it - it is different and I will be writing up a pattern for it.

Here are a few pictures of some things I completed in the past several weeks (THANKS mom! - she did all of the binding).  I still have a lot of items to show.

This is Christmas presents for the ladies at the office - Little mug rugs.

I have been a member of Swap-Bot for the last several months and we have been exchanging Crazy 9 Patch blocks.  I had to get a quilt finished quickly for a new grand-nephew of mine so I used some of the blocks from the exchange and made some more with blue in them.  He was born in Germany at just over 2 lbs.  He is back in the states and is over 7 lbs now.  So here is Oliver's quilt!

More pictures to come...  Have a great day

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  1. Same cold went west also. Looks like you have a lot of finishes for 2013!! Be looking forward to seeing new projects. K