Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Time flies when you are having fun!

So, its been years since I last posted, but I have been watching others post on their blogs and enjoying their results; I have also been caught up in the the whirlwind of other block challenges and have been sucked in...  Yep, in the way that Storm Stella whipped through our otherwise boring winter and made the beautiful picture that is my new background.

It has also made the front of our house a target for the buzzing noise of snowmobiles.  They go by quickly, usually in groups of two, so I have been able to snap a couple of pictures as they have zoomed by.

I have done several blocks from Pat Sloan of 182 Day Solstice quilt.   With these I am using stash.  I had purchased the fabric back in 2006 and bought a lot of it (mostly 1+ yard segements)  I don't remember why, but I really liked it back then.  I still like it, but its time for it to move out in the form of a quilt.  Therefore, it was my excuse to start something new.

And found an old UFO from either 2004 or 2006.  My mom and I went to a quilt conference and I started it at that time (back in the days before stash).  I screwed up my count on blocks (and didn't cut my diamonds correctly).  Thus could not get a layout I liked, so I just put it into a box.

Hands to Help Button
It waited for me and the other day I was overcome with the need to just get it finished.  And I fussed and fussed over the layout, finally I gave in and made a block out of incorrectly cut scraps.  I still have to fuss with the border, but I will have a finished quilt I will love.

And it will leave my home, hopefully as my first completed quilt for Hands2Help.  Yep, sucked into this one too.  I have some quilting projects to complete, but life is not allowing me the time and creative energy to finish them so I will give my creative energy where I can.

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